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Inverter Pure Sine Wave PSW – 2000 Watt 12V Dc to 220V AC Converter CALTECH

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Deskripsi Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave 2000W 12V DC to 220V AC Converter

Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave (Gelombang Sinus Murni) 2000 Watt dapat menjaga semua Peralatan Elektronik, pompa air, kipas angin, Computer, TV, dan lainnya tetap awet dan tahan lama.

Karena Gelombang Listrik yang dihasilkan oleh Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave adalah Gelombang Sinus Murni sama dengan Gelombang yang dihasilkan oleh PLN.

Tegangan yang dihasilkan oleh Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave sudah stabil 220V dan tidak perlu lagi menggunakan stabilizer, sehingga aman terhadap semua Peralatan Elektronik, Induktif dan resistif.


Rated Power : 2000W

Peak Power : 4000W

Input Vottage: 12VDC

Output voltage: AC 220V/50Hz ± 3Hz

USB Output: 5V-2A

No load current:
Output voltage waveform: Pure Sine Wave

Conversion Efficiency: ≥88%


– Color: Blue

– Material: Aluminum Alloy

– Socket Style: Universal Socket

– Built-in cooling fan with low noise.

– Positive and negative pole terminal

– Inverter Manual Switch


– The inverter can convert DC12/24V to AC 110V/220V.

– 12V is generally for cars, 24V for trucks.

– Available Range Of Rated Voltage Of Electrical Appliances : 210~230V, 110~130V

– Safe Range Of Input Voltage:

①12V : 9.8~15V

②24V : 20~28V

– 8 Safety Protection Function:

①Reverse polarity protection

②Low input voltage protection

③High input voltage protection

④Over-current protection

⑤Short circuit protection

⑥Over temperature protection

⑦Overload protection

⑧Internal fuses


①Please Ensure the Rated Power is higher than the electric appliance you wanna apply to.

②And if you wanna run several appliance at the same time, you should refer to the total Watt.

③If you wanna run a inductive load for a long time, it`s suggested to buy a pure sine wave inverter.

Package Included:

1* Inverter Pure Sine Wave 5000 Watt Peak.



1*User manual


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